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2021 Brewer Compass Survey


Completely Revamped in 2021!

We decided to make a fresh start in 2021 because after 2020 we can all use a fresh start!  We reviewed and revised every aspect of the survey – the name, the brewers, the functions, the questions, and the scale.   We left no stone unturned as we interviewed the brewers and multiple distributors to design a new tool that better represents today’s beer industry and makes the results more actionable for the brewers on the survey.  As you open the survey, here’s what you’ll find:
  • We replaced the industry opportunities section, with a brewer opportunities section.  We’re asking you to identify the biggest opportunity and recommendation for each of your brewers. 
  • We’ve reduced the number of functions and the number of questions – by a lot!  All bigger picture questions are grouped together and all Field Sales responsibilities are grouped together to make it easier to navigate and provide recommendations.
  • We’ve changed the rating scale from a numerical system rating performance from “Poor to Excellent” to a behavioral scale indicating how often the brewers address each of the responsibilities in the questions from “Never to Consistently”.
  • Brewers have asked for more comparisons and best practice sharing throughout the survey.  To accomplish this, we’ve added a few sections where we ask you to rank the performance of your brewers and provide rationale as to why each brewer ranked where it did.
  • In order to enable a truer read of their performance:
    • For ABI – only select ABI as a supplier if you carry their core portfolio (e.g., Budweiser, Bud Light, Mich Ultra, etc.)
    • For Molson Coors – only select Molson Coors as a brewer if you carry either or both of Miller Lite or Coors Light brands
  • As in years past, we suggest that the individual sections be completed by their respective senior leaders (if possible), or a cross-sectional group of senior leaders, to grant a more specialized view of brewer performance.
Your candid input is vital to the value of this tool!  As always, our participating brewers are awaiting your feedback to measure their progress and find more opportunities to improve their performance with their distributor partners.  Brewers do not receive individual responses, nor do they know which distributors responded on their behalf.  We strongly encourage you to be fair and honest in your assessment of brewers.
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